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NEW - Interactive play ideas for children with autism link:

Children with autism feel safe and secure in knowing they have a routine in place both at home and when in school. You will find some resource materials in this section to support your child at home with this which includes: timetable cards, visual timetables and choice boards. These resources will help your child understand the routine of the day and know what is coming next. Using a choice board is helpful in not overwhelming children, they can simply choose A or B. Do ensure that you account for movement breaks or brain breaks when you timetable your day, you might include reward time too.

There is a  social story to help explain the coronavirus which could ease any anxieties that children might have about it. Please read the story yourself first before sharing with your children to ensure you feel it is appropriate.

There are feelings and mood fans to help your child express themselves at any time during the day.  

 National Autistic Society link for support:

National Autistic Society