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Children's zone!

Here you will find lots of great games, activities and learning resources to help you with your school work. Enjoy!

There is also information and resources to support you to be safe, happy and healthy during this time when school and learning is very different. These can be found in the Safeguarding and Wellbeing tab. 

Fun Games for 3-7s


Help DangerMouse and Penfold collect the coins and fruit to complete their mission

Caterpillar Count

Collect the numbers up to 15 in order and make the caterpillar grow into a butterfly

Miss Turners Swap Shop 

Create your own cute and silly animals

Jigsaw: Shaun the Sheep

Can you piece together Shaun and his friends in this farmyard jigsaw?

Pattern Shapes

Try making patterns, tessellations or pictures with shapes

Fun with Spot

Excellent interactive educational activities and colouring sheets withSpot, the dog

Busy Things





Username: Pupils   

Password: Pupils 21

Fun Games for 7-11s

Alan's Pizzeria

Put your pizza-making skills to the test

Contraction Action

Test your knowledge on contractions and hone your slingshot skills.

Dogs in Space

Guide these cosmic canines home!

Fraction Fling!

Answer road safety questions to move up ladders and save yourself from the snakes

Papa's Scooperia

Use your mouse to scoop, bake and serve ice cream cookie

Grand Prix Multiplication 

Race against each other while practicing your multiplication facts!


Games for all ages

Ice Cream Talk

Practice learning nouns and verbs in a yummy way by helping the monkey collect ice cream

Crazy Animals

Here are some mixed-up animals, can you followthe clues tomake these creatures?

Equal Proportions Dirt Bikes

Multi-player kids educational racing game for finding equal proportions

Toy Shop Money                              Symmetry Sorting                    School Brain-Teaser

Work out which coins will buy toy shop items and calculate change


Sort the pictures, shapes and letters into symmetrical and not symmetrical sets

Find the pairs and get good marks!









Safeguarding and Wellbeing


Online Safety

Remote learning - top tips for children




There are lots of great articles and websites you can access here that relate to online safety, but we would like to draw your attention specifically to the parent summary, which is the last link in the list. It gives you so many useful hints and tips that you can look at and use with your children, such as:

  • How children (and adults!) can create an effective and safe password 

  • A reminder regarding the age children can make use of various apps, such as What’sApp (which is 16!) 

SMART is a great acronym to share with your children to support safe practice on the Internet: 

S – Stands for SAFE and reminds children to keep their personal information safe, not sharing it with strangers

M – means that children should not MEET with people they have met online

A – stands for being very careful about ACCEPTING friend requests or invitations to click on links online when you are not aware of what this might enable

R – reminds us that we cannot always RELY on the truth, safety or integrity of content we find on the internet (this is something that children also explore as part of their IT learning in school)

T – reminds children to TELL someone if they see something inappropriate or worrying online; this might mean telling a trusted adult or contacting a trusted website, such as CEOP.

Please click this link, if it’s helpful, at the following blog with advice specifically regarding something upsetting being witnessed online by your child. ‘Don’t get mad; get curious’ is a great piece of advice here that is sometimes very hard to follow! There are lots of great ideas here that may help you as parents, if this has already happened, or if it does happen to you or someone that you know.

Private Tutoring

Whilst we would recommend that you continue to work in partnership with the school in terms of catching up any gaps that may have opened or widened with your child as a result of the lockdown, we understand that some parents may want to consider taking on a tutor. With this in mind, we would like to draw your attention to this document which details how this may be done safely and effectively with skilled, registered tutors. We hope you find this useful. 

Staying safe in the darker evenings

We are already into darker evenings, since the clocks have gone back. Please take a look at this guidance for parents to help children to be seen at night:

Also please do consult this guidance to support parents to teach children – of all ages – how to be safe on and near the roads, whether it’s light or dark outside. It explains how to cross the road safely and also reminds children – and parents - of the Green Cross Code.

We want to encourage our children to continue the great habits that some were able to develop during lockdown, such as cycling, scooting, walking or even skateboarding for exercise and also to save the planet when travelling. Take a look at this link which is a great E-poster that shows children how to social distance in a skateboarding park! There must be at least a few Grange Park children who like to skateboard from A to B and also enjoy practising tricks and stunts in a skate park! 


Books and information about the virus


Going to school during the Corona virus

Staying at home during the Corona virus


General wellbeing

Mindfulness and Meditation

Breathing techniques

Mindfulness Challenge Cards

Tense and Release Muscle Relaxation

Try some Mindfulness colouring!


The Enfield PE Team has put together some ideas for ways to keep active whilst at home: 

The 'imovement'

Go Noodle

BBC Supermovers

Youtube - Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks and Alfie – 8 minute workouts (once on this page there are a lot more exercises with other children involved)

Joe Wicks 5 minute exercises on You Tube

Joe Wicks – Kids work out

NHS – 10 minute shake ups


Here are some general links to keep you and the children occupied 

The Great Indoors

Woodland Trust Nature Activities for Kids


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