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Connect Education Trust


Curriculum Intent

We view the curriculum as the totality of every planned and unplanned experience or interaction that pupils encounter within our school. It informs every aspect of our practice and culture from academic content to the personal development of characteristics and virtues.

Our curriculum aims to improve the life chances of all pupils by ensuring each child becomes:

A successful learner who enjoys learning, makes good progress, achieves well and has a clear understanding of how learning happens.

A confident individual with a body of knowledge which enables them to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life.

A responsible, respectful and active citizen who is empathetic and has the strength of character to contribute positively to society including on a range of community and global issues.

We ensure our pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum and have a long-term memory of an ambitious body of knowledge. Our coherently planned curriculum uses the National Curriculum as the basis for subject content and expectations. It is planned and sequenced, so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before, towards clearly defined end points. It informs what pupils need to know and be able to do to reach those points. We have structured this through our long term planning documents, criteria for progression of concepts, half-termly curriculum connections maps, knowledge organisers and session planning.

Curriculum content is underpinned by research-based understanding of how pupils learn, in particular the frequent retrieval of previously learned content, making connections to previous knowledge and experiences to strengthen pupils understanding and knowledge over time. To achieve this, we build in explicit teaching of curriculum connections across and between subjects, as well as flashbacks or retrieval practice.

Our curriculum reflects our school’s local context by addressing typical gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills and is designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils and SEND pupils, the cultural capital they need to succeed in life through our Curriculum Drivers of growth mindset, communityenvironment and language development. These shape every aspect of school life, are embedded in teaching and learning and develop the child as a whole.

Connect Curriculum Statement.

"The school has a sense of community and works hard to provide a high quality education for all pupils.  The curriculum is broad and balanced and provides a range of enrichment opportunities.  My child has made excellent progress so far and thoroughly enjoys school"  - Reception parent