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Curriculum Driver: Language development

Tier 2 vocabulary rationale

The importance of vocabulary is undeniable. Research shows that there is a high correlation between vocabulary size and academic success. In order to comprehend a text, children need to know an estimated 95% of its vocabulary. If a child does not develop their vocabulary knowledge, then reading comprehension will be negatively impacted - which causes difficulties in accessing wider areas of the National Curriculum.

At Grange Park, we want to give all children the best possible opportunity to develop academically. With the context of our school in mind, language development is crucial - with some children hearing a broader vocabulary for the first time, while others deepen their understanding and use of specific word choices. 

To ensure that word learning is effective and targeted, we have adopted a three-tiered approach:

Tier 1 words occur frequently in everyday life and do not need to be explicitly taught. 

These might be words such as: cup, book, slowly, happy.

Tier 2 words appear across a range of subjects. They are high level words that, whilst the child understands them, are not frequently used in day to day speech. 

These words might be: consolation, tarnished, exaggerate, feign and enthralled.

Tier 3 words are subject specific words, or technical vocabulary. 

These words might be: hieroglyphics in history, or tributary in geography.

Learning Tier 2 vocabulary makes a huge difference to a child’s academic performance when taught explicitly. As a result of this, we have mapped out the word choices from Nursery to Year 6, and ensured that there are key teaching opportunities within each week.


Below are links to the specific Tier 2 Vocabulary taught across the school.