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To develop children's imaginative writing, you can access writing templates that are supported by pictures to prompt children to develop ideas for writing in this section. Begin by simply naming what the children can see in the pictures, then expand on this by adding adjectives to describe what they can see. Develop this further by asking a question about the picture, for example "I wonder what the boy is laughing about as he reads the book", then explore this together and give possible answers. Note down the words used to describe the picture as you discuss it then use the vocabulary to prompt a short sentence about the picture. Build on this by starting to tell a story about the picture, again using the word prompts you have already written. You or your child could then start to write a short story or description about the picture being discussed.

You will notice the same formula for questions in the 'Writing' section below. This will help the child to embed the skills used for writing and develop independence and therefore promote confidence.

Handwriting guides can also be found in this section.