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Extend - Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Club

At Extend we aim to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in their care. Activities included art and craft, construction, a reading area, small world, physical activities and so much more! 

Please see details below regarding timings and costings: 

Club Timings Cost 
Breakfast Club

Start: 7:40am

Finish: 8:45am 


(including a snack) 

After school Club 

Start: 3:25pm (except Nursery who start at 3:30pm)

Finish: 5:50pm


(including a snack)

Holiday Club

All holidays apart from Christmas

8:30am-5:50pm (parents can drop off later or pick up earlier if they wish)

£27.50 (provide own lunch & snack)

What food will my child be provided with at the Breakfast club?

  • There will be a choice of toast with either butter, jam or honey and cereal.  There will also occasionally be the odd treat of pancakes or muffins available.  

  • To drink, there will be a choice of orange juice, apple juice, milk or water.   

 What snack will my child be provided with at Afterschool club? 
  • Throughout the week there will be one of the following available each day: a choice of jam or butter sandwiches;  tortilla wrap with either butter, cheese spread or plain;  pitta bread with hummus; teacakes and plain breadsticks

  • There will also be a piece of fruit or vegetable each day for the children to eat.  This includes cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, apples and tangerines..

  • To drink, there will be a daily choice of orange squash, blackcurrant squash or water.

For any more information please email Extend directly on:

Club mobile: 07949 318734


Extend - Holiday Club

The Summer holidays are fast approaching so it’s time to make plans for the children to stay happy, energised and engaged. Feeling bored at home? No problem, why not sign up to join in the fun at the holiday club!

For: Pupils of Grange Park Primary School

Dates: Thursday 25th July to Wednesday 14th August 2024

Times: 8:30am to 5:50pm Parents who have booked can drop off and collect at any time.

Price: £27.50 per day

Location: The dining hall, please walk towards the office and follow the building round to the white doors at the end of the slope.

How to book: Booking forms have been sent. The deadline for booking is 4pm, Friday 28 June. 

Fill out the form that will be sent to parents or email us at if the deadline is missed.  Please do be careful when booking sessions as we are unable to provide a refund once the bookings are made.

Snacks and Lunch: Children will need to bring their own packed lunch, healthy snacks and water bottle. First snack is at 10am, lunch is at 12pm and the last snack is at 3pm. Nothing with nuts please, including Nutella spread.

We have a range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities set up for the children such as a role play area, construction, small world, cars and trains, board games, reading corner and arts and crafts. Children will also have access to games outside such as tennis, basketball, football, skipping, hula hooping and many more.

The theme for week 1 (25th July - 2nd August) is “Summer Quest” where the children will be busy with action packed days filled with summer explorations, creative arts and crafts, exciting sports and splashy water fun.

The theme for week 2 (5th - 9th August) is “Ravishing Rainforest” where the children will discover the secrets of the jungle through nature hunts, imaginary animal encounters, vibrant arts and crafts and thrilling games. 

The theme for week 3 (12th - 14th August) is “Celebrating Cultures” where every day will be an adventure filled with music, dance, crafts, and games from different countries. Kids will learn about traditions, languages and cuisines, fostering a sense of global awareness and appreciation.