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Our Values - The Grange Park Way

At Grange Park, we are committed to creating an environment where outstanding behaviour is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same. As a community, we work together to uphold our values. We acknowledge good behaviour as our ‘default setting’, giving first attention to best conduct. Adults manage and influence behaviour; by being consistent, calm and clear, children are responsible for the choices they make.

We have a simple, memorable and meaningful set of expectations and school values for all members of Grange Park Primary School. They are: ‘The Big 3 - Ready, Respectful and Safe’ and ‘The 3Rs - Respect, Responsibility and Resilience’.

We also have three step routines established in the school to help to create a calm and orderly environment. Our routines are consistent, certain and clear and let children know what is expected of them and how they are going to achieve it. Our whole school routines are:

The Grange Park Way is regularly shared and discussed with the whole school and through it we aim to promote self-discipline and positive self-esteem. Furthermore, children are taught character education through half termly character trait focusses, instilling values such as empathy, perseverance and integrity. This holistic approach cultivates well-rounded individuals equipped with the essential life skills to live meaningful lives, reach their full potential and live alongside others in harmony. 

At Grange Park we make sure that our pupils’ excellent conduct is acknowledged, valued, appreciated and recognised. We anchor good behaviour through a range of positive reinforcements such as; sincere and timely verbal and non-verbal praise and use of the class recognition board. In addition to this, we award children; Special Mentions; Always Stars and Grange Park Proud Post slips.

For most children, verbal praise and recognition are enough to encourage positive behaviour but for some they will need extra support and may need the Grange Park Pathway to get them back on track. When undesirable or unacceptable behaviour has occurred, staff will take responsibility and control of the situation and manage the behaviour by following the Grange Park Pathway. Visuals are also used by staff for each ‘step’.

During any stage of the Grange Park Pathway, children are offered Calm Space. This is a short time where your child can choose to take (5/10 minutes), either within the classroom or elsewhere, as appropriate. The purpose is for the child to calm down, breathe, look at the situation from a different perspective and compose themselves.

Step 1: First Reminder - A verbal reminder of The Big 3 or 3Rs is delivered, identifying the one that has been broken (privately where possible).

Step 2: Second Reminder - A clear verbal caution delivered privately, wherever possible, making the child aware of their behaviour and clearly outlining the consequences if they continue. A positive choice is offered and staff refer to previous examples of good behaviour. 

Step 3: Consequence - An appropriate and proportionate consequence is given. If the child’s behaviour improves after Reminder 2 ‘the consequence’ or outcome is discussed and given as a result of them taking responsibility.

Step 4: Repair - A short restorative conversation to discuss what happened, who was affected and what needs to happen next. This might be a quick chat at breaktime or a more formal meeting.

"The values and ethos of the school are embodied by all staff members. I see the kindness and empathy they demonstrate brought into practice by the children through their interactions. It's really heart warming!" - Reception Parent