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Safeguarding and Welfare


Grange Park Safeguarding Team


Tijen Hassan - Designated Safeguarding Lead     





Tracy Murray – Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Designated Child Protection Lead   




Rebecca Neale - Designated Child Protection Officer






Julie Rayson - Link safeguarding LEC member






Please contact any of the people above if:

  • Any child discloses information that causes concern

  • You see any unexpected marks on a child’s body

  • If a child displays any concerning behaviour

Please record any concerns/information on the safeguarding Cause for Concern form and hand to one of the above people immediately. PLEASE ALSO REFER TO SCHOOL PROCEDURES.

At Grange Park Primary School the Governors and staff fully recognise the contribution the school plays in safeguarding children.  The safety and protection of all children is of paramount importance and all staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting children from harm. If staff have any concerns about a child, or they have made a disclosure relating to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect, female genital mutilation (FGM) or radicalisation they MUST follow the schools procedures as outlined in the Child Protection Policy.

Grange Park Safeguarding Team


Allegations against a member of staff

  LADO for advice BEFORE discussing incident with the member of staff

LADO: 020 8379 2746/2850 


Police Child Abuse Investigation Team (CAIT): 

Tel no: 020 8733 5139 

Highlands ward PCSO   PC Abu Hana

Tel no: 07542 126083 / 

0208 721 2687
Local Authority   Serious incident/accident involving pupils or staff Tel no: 020 8379 4446  



Concerns about radicalisation/hate crimes: Sujeevan Ponnampalam

Tel no: 0208 379 6137



Emergency: 999

Non-emergency: 101

ENFIELD MASH   Single point of entry: Advice for all CP concerns except allegations against a member of staff

Tel no: 020 8379 5555 (office hours)

Tel no: 020 8379 1000 (out of hours)





  • Tell me what happened
  • Explain what you mean (so you are clear about people and events
  • Describe what happened
  • Do not promise confidentiality
  • Your responsibility is to contact a designated member of staff


  • Listen carefully to what the child has to say. Avoid asking leading questions. Use TEDDY.
  • Speak to one of the named child protection teachers above IMMEDIATELY and complete the school’s Cause for Concern form, handing it to either the lead or deputy lead teacher.
  • Ensure you do not promise confidentiality to the child.
  • In cases of FGM you need to remember your duty to report concerns to the police