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Year Group Curriculums

Curriculum connections map

As a child learns, information is gradually organised, reorganised and restructured into elaborate networks called schema. Schema or knowledge bases become more complex over time. Our curriculum connections maps show where there are opportunities to join children’s thinking together by linking it to previous learning and experiences. This strengthens understanding and helps build long-term memory. The ability to build long-term memory of a body of knowledge and to apply that knowledge is central to improving learning.

There are half-termly curriculum connections maps for every year group. Please click on the year group tabs on the left to find them.

Knowledge organisers

Each knowledge organiser is a summary of the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that we intend children to know by the end of a unit of work. They can be used in class to review and systematically recall learning, a process known as retrieval practice, which strengthens long-term memory. These documents also provide a really clear way for parents to understand what their child is learning.

There are knowledge organisers for Years 1 to 6. Please click on the year group tabs on the left to find them.